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A stylish video of your stand

iStandVideo creates quality audiovisual content to improve the visibility and positioning of companies exhibiting in international trade fairs, at fair prices, with a very enveloping and particular visual style.

iStandVideo is a service of that is dedicated to the production of stand videos for international trade fairs. Its videos are used by exhibiting companies to promote their products and services, show their presence at the fair and capture the attention of potential clients and collaborators.


iStandVideo's videos are a very useful tool for companies that want to stand out at international trade fairs and present their products in an attractive and effective way. With the video, they can show their stand, their team, the atmosphere, their products and services, and their potential customers and partners can get to know them better.


In short, iStandVideo is a useful tool for any company that participates in international trade fairs and wants to stand out and promote itself in an effective way.

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What is iStandVideo?

iStandVideo is a video of your stand.

It’s that simple.


Your company’s participation costs in trade fairs are very high and involve a great deal of effort for a few days of exposure. 


What better way to prolong that brief exposure and make it pay off than a video capturing that moment? 


iStandVideo offers promotional stand video production services for companies participating in international trade fairs and events. Its aim is to provide a tool that allows companies to showcase their products and services in an effective and attractive way through high quality videos.


iStandVideo has a wide variety of video templates and customisation options to adapt to the needs of each client. In addition, its team of professionals offers personalised advice to ensure that each video is unique and fits each client's expectations.


This solution for companies exhibiting at international trade fairs has been created by Dimitar Venkov, who has extensive experience in the international trade fair and events sector.

iStandVideo is based in Madrid, Spain, and offers services globally.

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What is iStandVideo used for?

iStandVideo videos can be used to promote a company's presence at a trade show, to highlight the products or services being offered, or to document the company's experience at the trade show. Videos can also be used as an online and social media marketing tool to increase a company's visibility and reputation and to reach new potential customers.

In short, iStandVideo can be used to enhance a company's presence at international trade fairs and events and to increase the visibility and reach

of the brand online.

Ask us for prices.

We just need you to tell us the trade fair you are going to attend, and the m2 of your booth.

We also make product videos, testimonials, videos of events at trade fairs, quick delivery for social networks, instagram stories&reels..., 
do not hesitate to ask us.

Hernández Iglesias 5, 28027 - Madrid - SPAIN |  Tel: +34 690306464

Thank you for your message!

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